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Of course, everyone admires the recital's glitz and magnificence. As dancers and friends take the stage, parents and their guests are guaranteed to be filled with joy. Recitals promise to be a spectacular experiences from beginning to end and there are several advantages to dancers performing in a recital. In addition to all the planning, preparation, and beautiful costumes and makeup, these advantages frequently extend to other components of their lives. Our studio calendar year is 10 months and runs from August through June and we eagerly anticipate the moment when all of our dancers are performing on stage during our annual recitals at Christmas and Summer. 

Each week when dance students arrive for class, they tend to focus on how much fun they are having. The younger dancers, in particular, often don't comprehend that they are towards something magical. Through repetition and dedication, dancers mature and learn that having a goal to work towards motivates them. The "step by step" process carries over to academics, future goals, and career plans. 

In order for recitals to be successful, dancers must develop teamwork skills and it is common for dancers to be "caught" at the studio assisting another student with a step that they might be struggling to learn. We all gain from learning how to collaborate with others to achieve a common goal in life and dancers gain from learning this foundation of teamwork. Working as a team is common practice in both personal and professional ways later in life.

Every now and then, we can all use a little confidence boost. and a dance recital is a wonderful opportunity for dancers to display all of their devotion, hard work, and development. Dance recitals are an early confidence-building opportunity that can set a positive example that will follow throughout their entire lives. The delight in our dancers as they observe audience members and hear applause does really boost self-assurance. 

Winter Recital​

Christmas and the birth of Jesus are beautifully and tenderly told in the winter performance. The work of all our sparkling young dancers is showcased in the production! This delightful holiday performance never disappoints!

Spring/Summer Recital


All of our students' accomplishments are celebrated in the spring recital. With regular presence in class and at the dress rehearsal, students have the opportunity to perform. Even if a student chooses not to perform, they can still participate in class and the rehearsal process.

Even with the occasional nervousness dancers may experience, it goes without saying that they benefit from the thrill of any performance day and we try to provide you with all the helpful informationyou need.

Information Shared for Each Recital

We always try to post help links 6 weeks prior to our performances.


Raqad recital dates are listed on our studio calendar for each dance season, so you can always count on our recital rehearsal schedule to be the week leading up to recital. Rehearsals are held on our regular dance days of Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.


The hair styles that have been selected for each level and/or performance are found on the materials lists. When possible we will share sample videos for any styles that may require extra attention. 

Please Note: We always have older girls available to assist dancers with hair if needed. 


We like to let you know all items necessary for making the week of recital less stressful and to ensure your dancers bag has the things they need.

Recital Snacks

We do have an approved recital snack list to ensure we  maintain the condition of the spaces that we use.

Arrival Times

Dancer arrival times on recital day will are posted following the final night of rehearsal. This is typically Thursday night around 10p or first thing Friday morning. Call times are determined based on how rehearsal goes and what we have left to work on.


A digital copy will be posted and shared on recital day.

For the younger dancers, we suggest blush, eyeshadow and lipstick. The older dancers should wear blush, lip stick, eye makeup and mascara. 

When the big recital day comes, it's time to start making memories. After spending numerous hours preparing for this day, friendships are created that have the potential to last a lifetime. The memory of getting ready and experiencing butterflies before the recital last a lifetime. Students are excited to perform in costumes for family and friends while showcasing their hard work on stage. Anticipate excellent choreography and an impressive performances at recitals that incorporate every type of dance that the Raqad Movement offers. Everyone is assured a fantastic time of priceless memories.

Thank you to the continued support of Turning Point Church of God and for allowing Raqad the space so that all our recitals can take place at the same location as our weekly classes.

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