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Our Spiritually Led 


Our amazing staff is a group that is passionate about fusing their love of dance with their love of ministry. Each enjoys spreading messages of hope through a variety of mediums. Raqad was founded by an owner who firmly believes that creativity should be used to exalt God and ensures our sweet teachers weave the love of Christ into every aspect of class nurturing the heart and spirit one dancer at a time.

Get to Know the Rest of our Talented Choreographers

The Funkadelic
Miss MK

An original Raqad family member who has been dancing since she was a young child. She is passionate about the opportunities for artistic expression that Fusion offers our youth, and four years ago she assumed leadership of the work with our pre-teen and teen youth as a funky and creative expression teacher. 


MK recognizes the versatility and enthusiasm that Fusion offers, and she is called to share that love with her students while fostering their success in a supportive environment. She is a fantastic mentor for our children, and her students hold her in high regard.

She started helping out at Raqad when she was just 13 years old, and at age 16 she started teaching. With her students, MK enjoys sharing her love of dance and assisting them in achieving their individual objectives. She enjoys baking, volunteering, nannying, and singing in the church choir when she is not dancing.

The Tot Guru
Miss RB

In 2015, God lead RB to Raqad where she began dancing in an oasis of safety and gained a greater sense of self-worth. Dance enables glorious, worry-free, and natural movements that allowing her to worship the Lord one creative movement at a time. Her favorite dance forms are ballet and contemporary, they enable her to be imaginative and authentically express herself. No matter what the situation or circumstance, dancing constantly leaves her feeling positive, motivated, and balanced.

Since she started teaching at Raqad a year ago, she's enjoyed having the opportunity to share the passion and freedom which dance provides and she aims to share this passion with students while helping them to grow in a comforting and encouraging environment. Introducing and teaching the basics of ballet dancing as well as reminding kids that every thing is possible when they put the time in and have the mindset, will and desire to do it. She wants young dancers to be strong, fearless, beautiful and believe in themselves.

In her spare time, RB works, goes to church, and maintains relationships with friends and family.  Reading and creating with any other form of art are her two favorite pastimes. Dance will always play a significant role in her life, and she intends to continue teaching it until God demands otherwise or until her body gives out

The Wildflower
Miss AJ

Her enthusiasm for dancing, in our opinion, is what inspired her to teach ballet, tap, and jazz to our younger dancers from preschool until roughly the age of 10. She teaches a variety of dance styles with the intention of improving each student's ability level while also fostering a positive, enjoyable, and stimulating learning environment. You will see how much AJ enjoys teaching dance to our school-age children and how, in her heart, she wants to make sure they are always at ease, supported, and inspired to work hard.


During her high school career, she had the honor to contributing to the Chey-Annes and performing in many National Fine Arts events.She spends many hours in studio perfecting her technique and will be pursing the field of dance in Oklahoma next fall.

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