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Our Community Involvement

Community involvement is an exponentially common component of our dance education. We want every dancer and their family to feel as though they are a part of something special, and Raqad is dedicated to providing inexpensive and accessible classes for everyone regardless of their backgrounds. We are proud to share our inclusive community that supports our dancers and their families in a secure, healthy, and joyful environment.

Engagement with our community gets everyone moving and transforms perceptions through the movements of dance. No matter how big or small, a community-minded dance studio can do more for the neighborhood in addition to offering a secure setting for its students to learn and evolve. 


We take our role as community members very seriously and believe in being a proactive, helpful member of our community. One of the Raqad Movement's basic beliefs and primary objectives is to  be giving of our time and talents, as well as offering support and sharing resources.  


As we make a conscious decision to positively influence youth in a variety of ways, here are just a few of the many approaches we have used to connect with others over the years:

Dance for Everyone

Raqad reserves some of the earnings from our annual recitals to ensure that everyone is given the chance of discovering dance

Fundraising Efforts

Participate actively in opportunities to aid in fundraising initiatives.

Collecting Money_edited.jpg
Black Robot

Engage passionately to be involved in community toy drives that support families and children during the holidays.

Toy Drives


Turning Point Church Logo

Alongside Turning Point Church; we have the privilege of participating in activities that change people's lives.

drug buster.png

Actively take part in their Drug Busters initiative, a one-week campaign teaching children ages 3-12 how to respond to critical issues they face.


Partner in hosting an annual Father and Daughter dance.

Fathers are the first reliable male figure in a girl's life, this ritual shows the girls what it means to be treated with respect, love, and kindness throughout their entire lives. The dance emphasizes the value of establishing healthy and solid connections between fathers and daughters.

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