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Dance and Movement unto the Lord.

Fostering a Passion for Dance

 We are delighted that you are here and interested in

the Raqad Movement

We believe Raqad classes are the weekly motivation for all dancers. Every class is centered around our love for Jesus that strengthens our faith. Our goal is to help dancers gain strength from within, by learning to use dance as a safe channel of expression.


We are honored to be able to offer graceful lessons, serve our community, build relationships, and share our faith.​ We would be delighted for your family to join our RAQAD family.

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At Raqad, dancers will enjoy:

  • Giving God thanks

  • Dancing devotionals that sow spiritual seeds

  • A creative technique that cultivates praise

  • Two recitals provide dancers an opportunity to shine 

  • An opportunity to honor God's gift of dance

Movement Levels

Ballet Dancer

Our main goal is safety, and we never push a young dancer's body above its physical capacity. The belief that we must start with the unknown, to finish unforgettable in dance is much like the proverb "you have to walk before you can run"! Ballet is where all other dance forms have their roots, thus it's crucial for pointe, jazz, and lyrical dancers to continue practicing ballet as well. Ballet training is crucial to being a successful dancer!

At Raqad, we create choreography and personalize lessons to the specific requirements of our students. Our levels are thoughtfully constructed to allow dancers to advance naturally and consecutively. 

Our group classes provide the full dance experience for students. Dress in your dance clothes, learn dance technique, and take class with your dance friends. We also offer private lessons so you can advance in your area(s) of interest. Our curriculum covers the skills you need to achieve as a dancer while our private lessons provide exactly what is needed to reach your goals efficiently. ​We offer five levels of dance at Raqad where we teach ballet, tap, and jazz. We also offer additional creative classes that provide another form of expression.


As a Tiny-Tot, dancers begin learning basic Ballet steps along with the correct terminology while using props and instruments.


As we grow and advance to Level 1, we continue learning creativity, self-expression, social skills, and develop fine motor skills. We teach age-appropriate Ballet steps, basic Tap is introduced along with a bit of terminology.


At Level 2, we continue learning the correct disciplines of ballet positions, body alignment, placement, and center floor work. This class provides students with the ability to develop rhythm and musicality as we explore Tap deeper.


In Level 3, students have several years of dance experience in ballet, tap, and jazz with a desire to continue developing. This is when most dancers progress into Pointe shoes.


As a Company dancer, students develop strength, artistry, creativity, and discipline through classical ballet and additional techniques as they further their dance studies by refining their foundation and developing artistry.

All classes include stretching with a focus on strengthening allowing dancers to build muscle and improve flexibility which will support their dance. All of our classes enrich the lives of RAQAD students’ inside and outside the studio. We build social, emotional, physical, mental, and creative skills which they carry with them through the rest of their lives. Whether you have someone eager to prepare for a dance career or just want to try something fun, our community has a place for everyone.

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Our add-on classes provide an opportunity to explore other movements.

Modern and vintage urban, street, and pop dance styles are combined in Fusion. It serves as an illustration of how the human body responds to the beat and rhythm of hip hop music. Our Fusion class is highly energizing and helps dancers improve their balance, coordination, and agility while being creative and having fun.

While lyrical merges Ballet and jazz, testing a dancers' ability to interpret music and convey emotion via movement and choreography. Expressing the meaning of the dance allows dancers to articulate emotions generated from the lyrics. This aids in recognizing the performance components of lyricism while introducing the styles of both genres and the process by which they are mixed. 


As you begin to explore Fusion, you apply basic dance principles in a fun high-energy class that emphasizes the rhythm and proper technique of hip-hop. The development of memorization, flexibility, and strength help to prepare dancers for the next level.


Advanced Fusion is i ntended for experienced, advanced, high-energy dancers where you must focus on learning through movement, choreography, and rhythms.


Our contemporary class is intended for older teens who love a demanding class with an emphasis on music complexity, dynamic movement, performance, and emotional connection while being able to convey more mature topics in their dancing as they learn about choreography .

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