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Celebrating Movement and


The Raqad Movement offers a diverse range of dance performances. From riveting recitals to mesmerizing showcases, this is where the magic of movement comes alive. Our performers are ready to take the stage and transport you into a world of rhythm, grace, and emotion. Our talented dancers bring stories to life through boundless choreography where each performance is a unique journey, blending skillful techniques with creativity. Witness an array of dance styles and themes that promise to leave you captivated. 

Explore our upcoming performances and immerse yourself in the vibrant world of dance. Click on the events below for more details, schedules, and ticket information. Don't miss the chance to be part of these extraordinary moments where passion meets the stage.

Dance recitals are captivating showcases that bring together the grace, skill, and dedication of our performers onto one mesmerizing stage.


Fostering a network encouraging inclusivity and creating a vibrant supportive environment where we celebrate the art of dance and make lasting connections beyond our studio walls.

Other Opportunities

Globally showcasing our talent, exchanging cultural experiences, and fostering a diverse and enriching learning environment while participating in various dance community events.

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