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Raqad's Latest Updates & Dance 

Welcome to the rhythmic realm of the Raqad Movement Studio blog!
As we explore the enchanting world of dance, sharing our passion, knowledge, and stories that make every pirouette, every beat, and every leap an extraordinary experience. Whether you're a seasoned pro, a budding ballerina, or someone who just wants to shake it off on the dance floor, this blog is your ultimate source for inspiration, tips, and all things dance-related.
Our team of dance enthusiasts will explore the latest dance trends, offer valuable advice on technique, and provide you with a backstage pass to the fascinating world of dance. From classical ballet to contemporary hip-hop, we've got it all covered! Join us on this rhythmic journey, and let's dance through the pages of this blog together. Feel the music, embrace the movements, and let your passion for dance soar. So, whether you're looking for step-by-step tutorials, inspiring stories from the dance community, or just a dose of dance magic, you're in the right place.
Stay tuned, and let's dance our way through the art of movement, one graceful step at a time! 

Fun dance activities:

create goals

Smart Goals.png

There is a greater possibility that you can accomplish your goals if you have clarity about them and write them down. Setting daily objectives for your mind, body, and dance abilities helps you change your perspective so that you begin to transform your thoughts. Positive thought is stored in the body, and dancers even more so! Writing your affirmation in the present tense is crucial. At the end of the day, make a list of the things that happened and celebrate how they helped you get closer to your objective.

your vision

vision board.png

The ability to visualize what you desire in the near, immediate, and far future can inspire and drive you to work toward your objectives. Visualization is a vital technique for manifestation. A strong vision board may provide

 you visual representations of the things you wish to create in your life and that is the true inspiration behind it. 

ensuring you reach your goals


It's not a list of behaviors or habits you're committed to avoid. It's a list of things you might feel like you should do, might wish to do, or might be requested to do by others. However, since these activities don't help you achieve any of your more important goals, they don't nourish your soul, and they aren't vital for you to complete, you are far better off skipping them, leaving them undone or assign them to someone else.

all dance.png

 purpose and passion

It is simpler to concentrate on where you are heading, what matters most in your life, and what choices are in line with your goal when you are aware of your life's purpose. It helps you become passionate and committed to your goals. Discovering your actual passion and committing to it will certainly be significantly more accessible with a purpose.

find the dance styles

Dance Word Search


There are many future plans on your Someday list, but they are merely plans.

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track habits

Habit Tracker
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