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Featured Dance Performances & Event Opportunities

Our dancers' participation outside of the Raqad Movement studio enables them to perform in front of large crowds and in exclusive dance events like parades, stage shows, seminars, and more. For a variety of reasons, taking a dance studio on the road can be very beneficial and a top motivator for many dancers as it enables them to showcase talents and receive approval from complete strangers rather than merely family and friends.

These opportunities enable dancers to form meaningful connections on a completely new level. Working together, dancers create and perform something unique on a vast stage in front of thousands of people takes on a new feeling of importance and creates a stronger sense of purpose that naturally results in enhanced focus. Participating in a dance event enables us to meet dancers, develop connections throughout the world, gather up useful tips, and gain motivation while strengthening bonds with studio friends.


You can be assured dancers will cherish these moments for the rest of their lives.  They will begin dancing more passionately than before and we believe studio opportunities are important in more students wanting to dance and those who are currently dancing are more engaged. Each year, we have the chance to take part in a number of performances or events, and our dancers can choose to perform with other studio dancers. Here are some of the amazing activities that our dancers have experienced:


Thanksgiving Day Parade

in New York City


Dallas Ballet Company


in Dallas


Walt Disney World 

Main Street Parade &

Showcase in Orlando

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