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Tradition. Precision. Grace.

About the RAQAD Movement and School of Dance

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If you're new to dancing, want to improve your technique, or just want to have some fun, Raqad is for you! Ballet, tap, jazz, and fusion are just a few of the many dance styles we offer. Join Raqad and join our family! Enjoy expressing yourself, praising Him and creating lifelong friends.

The Raqad Philosophy

We are a school that originated out of a love for Jesus and a desire to spread His name through the expression of dance. Providing this same opportunity to others compelled us to build this community. Raqad was founded in 2011, with a passion for dancing and a desire to teach students how to use dance in worship. We believe dance is for EVERYONE! God created beauty, and He displays it through His people, which is something we are deeply enthusiastic about. We believe that creative expression may be a useful tactic for worship and ministry. We focus on unification through support, fellowship, and community.

The idea that each individual is special to God and that He has a purpose for their lives is something we want everyone to understand. With encouraging instruction, we spread the joy of dancing. As living examples of holiness, wholesomeness, worship, and artistry, our educators make it a priority to demonstrate their commitment to Him. We want to use the arts to advance the gospel, inspire our students, and have a positive impact in our community.


Many aspects of dance training reflect real life experiences. We strive to teach dancers to be responsible, loyal, hard-working, kind, respectful and eager.  We believe in helping our students develop a healthy respect for themselves and their bodies.  We are committed to teaching age-appropriate choreography and choosing modest costuming for our dancers.

Worship through Dance

Dance in adoration of the Lord; glorify the praiseworthy God. We believe that God gave us the gift of dancing and that our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit. Our worship of God can be powerfully expressed through dance. RAQAD serves dancers and parents who desire a distinctly faith based studio, with Scriptural concepts incorporated into every area of our instruction. It is our mission to prepare dancers in a Christ-centered setting to use dance as a form of worship with a mission and ministry focus. Our primary objective is to magnify the Lord, whether the style is vivacious like jazz and fusion or serene as in a poetically calming lyrical composition.

Vision of the Movement

As a ministry, RAQAD uses dance to encourage believers, serve as a reminder of God's beauty and His love for them, and to share the gospel with those who do not yet know Jesus. Dance is a technique used by the Raqad Movement to teach, bless, and inspire dancers as they cultivate their dancing talents and become lights in the world.

We strive to provide students with a supportive and nurturing environment that challenges them to grow in their faith, character, and technique. Through opportunities for ministry to both believers and those who are not yet saved, dancers are instructed to always use their dance to exalt the Lord.  We seek opportunities to introduce Christ-centered dance to the dance community in order to spread our faith and build relationships among other dancers.

We believe God's people ought to be the standard in artistic quality rather than imitating the world! Raqad provides professional training in all styles of dance and provides an atmosphere of fun!We continuously make a conscious decision to walk, move, and dress in a way that would be pleasing to the Lord. We posture our hearts in service to the Kingdom, and we pray that God multiplies our efforts to reach others with His love.

Top 3 Reasons to Choose Raqad

Scripture shares details about emotions, how humans respond to life’s experiences and interact with God. All emotions can be channeled through prayer, art, and other forms of expression as they become part of a person’s journey into God’s heart. We value authentic emotional experience and seek the Lord’s wisdom to navigate all parts of our life and faith.


In Ecclesiastes 3:9-15, we read that each day’s work is a gift from God, yet only God’s work endures forever. This perspective allows us to make the most of every present moment for the sake of God. We value engaging deeply and fully with the time God has given us rather than letting it pass us by.


We believe in the Creator God who calls his own handiwork “good” (Genesis 1:12). Since we reflect the image of this God who creates with skill and beauty, we endeavor to create works of art that honors God, the ultimate artist, and the value of God’s creation.

Establishing a Life Full of Faith!

Some students' first or only exposure to Jesus Christ comes from RAQAD. Several of our students have developed their faith and acquired the ability to share a testimony of God's work in their life by fusing their passion for dance with their faith.

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