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The Raqad Movement

Raqad is a place where the rhythmic movements of dance are used to praise Jesus. Our unity of purpose, delight, love, and emotion-filled expression of our faith builds a closer connection to Him. RAQAD School of Dance emphasizes dancing for God's glory and instructs students on how to live the love of Christ in all things. If you're looking for a warm setting where dancers can move to music of praise, dress modestly, perform wholesome dances, and grow from the inside out, RAQAD is the place to be. We offer excellent one-on-one and small-group dance education in Desoto, Texas, which promotes the growth of every dancer's abilities.
The 2023 - 2024 Dance Season is our

and runs August 14, 2023 - June 8, 2024.

12th Dance Season

"Dancers are the athletes of God" - 

Albert Einstein

Experience the Magic

Our performances will captivate and inspire through a thrilling display of talent, rhythm, and artistic expression. Embrace the excitement as we unveil a world of movement and emotion. Join us at one of our performances for an unforgettable journey through movement and emotion. Click below for full details on our upcoming events and prepare to be amazed!


Dance is a powerful tool in building social connections. It enables us to forge friendships, cultivate respect for diversity, and develop a deep sense of community. Collaboration in dance fosters an understanding of teamwork, mutual respect, and the importance of cooperation and strengthens our feeling of self.

Part of the Community

Community involvement is an exponentially common component of our dance education. We want every dancer and their family to feel as though they are a part of something special, and Raqad is dedicated to providing inexpensive and accessible classes for everyone regardless of their backgrounds. We are proud to share our inclusive community that supports our dancers and their families in a secure, healthy, and joyful environment.


The Raqad Movement enables students to interact with one another and communicate using their body and soul to express what is too complex to be conveyed through words.

a form of expression

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